Alana's Runnin With Scizzors

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The Challenge

Alana’s Runnin With Scizzors is a hair salon located in Reedsburg Wisconsin. Alana provides quality and affordable hair styling to clients. She's devoted to exciting her customers with a genuine, professional, and personalized approach. This makes everyone feel like family.

The challenge was delivering an attractive and engaging website on a razor-thin budget. The end result needed to be effective without disrupting her bottom line.

I delivered a complete, competitive, and professional website that improved her online presence. This helps her stay fresh on the mind of her customers and adds a more competitive edge to her business.
Desktop display of website after new website design by Planet9 Designs

Crafting The Design

Display of homepage for Alana's Runnin With Scizzors website design by Planet9 Designs

Desperate need for that refresh

Alana had an old website that was in desperate need of a refresh. Her old site was only about a quarter of a page on a desktop browser and had one or two images with her contact info. About as basic as you could ever get, right?

She needed something to boost her presence and stand out from local competition. The focus was to energize her name and excite customers.
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Desktop display of website after new website design by Planet9 Designs


Desktop display of Express Recycling website built by Planet9 Designs
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