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Launching a New Website Should Be Easy, Not a Headache

Don't try to go into this alone. You need a partner in your success that will guide you every step of the way.

Stress Free and Simple

Building a new website should be an exciting process, not a headache


Consistent communication and video updates throughout the progress of your project. No disappearing for weeks at a time

Create Impact

Clarify your message and create impact with your users

Ongoing Design Alterations

Build once and continuously make small alterations. Never build a new website again

Support and Maintenance

Make sure your website is always up to date and secure. Weekly monitoring and same day updates when security issues are presented

Build Your future

Reach your goals and build your perfect future
" Compared to previous web design services I've used, the service and communication was excellent, timely, and informative. Justin is very affordable for small business owners, provides excellent web design and makes it easy to communicate expectations. I would absolutely recommend. "

-Alana Murdock
Alana's Runnin With Scizzors



Strategy is the foundation your successful websites built upon.
You need a strategy to help set, track, and reach your business goals. Through a successful strategy your unique offering/value proposition, message, and offers will speak directly to your ideal clients and their needs.
How it's done:
Brand and competitor analysis
Website and social media evaluations
Content strategy
Mobile display of The Blue Gem Tattooing website design by Planet9 Designs

The Blue Gem Tattooing

The Blue Gem Tattooing is a tattoo studio in Green Bay, WI. The Blue Gems artists provide a wide variety of art styles to their clients. They attract clients from all over the state of Wisconsin.
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Web Design

Good web design solves problems.
Planning out wireframes or “a blueprint” gives your site the structure your ideal clients need to find the information they’re looking for. Fonts, colors, and graphics will all aid in guiding the user through their journey.
How it's done:
Information architecture
Website design
UI design
Responsive design

Endless Expansion Custom Tattoo

Endless Expansion Custom Tattoo is a brand new tattoo studio in Green Bay, WI. Endless Expansion is far from your typical tattoo studio experience.
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Web Development

Web development transforms designs into interactive pages that engage and provide value to your users.
Your website needs to load fast, perform well, and be easily accessible for your clients on all devices. A Content Management System delivery allows you control to make changes and update content as you grow.
How it's done:
Content development
Website development
WordPress CMS delivery
Search engine optimization
Mobile display of Alana's Runnin With Scizzors website after new website design by Planet9 Designs

Alana's Runnin With Scizzors

Alana's Running With Scizzors is a hair salon in small-town Reedsburg, WI. The main goal of this project was to make a big impact for a small one-person operation.
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Support and Maintenance

Avoid the hassle of hosting and maintaining your own website.
Proper maintenance keeps your website running fast and healthy. Focus on your business knowing your website is secure, reliable, and always promoting your business.
How it's done:
Website and domain hosting
Regular scheduled site backups
Performance monitoring
Security monitoring
Responsive customer service
Mobile display of Jakub Zytecki website designed and developed by Planet9 Designs

Jakub Zytecki

Jakub is a musician/guitarist from Kraków, Poland. We worked together to consolidated the music channels where fans can enjoy his music. This site also gives a closer look at how Jakub got his start and what drives him to create.
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